Lower Back Pain Remedies

Provided here is an index of lower back pain remedies. Many of them are also appropriate for middle back pain and upper back pain.

One of the keys to resolving back pain is to learn as much as you can prior to consulting a physician or other health professionals.

This is an excellent strategy because:

1) Your physician may need to be educated about such things as...


myofascial trigger points

postural distortion

...or any number of other things which are outside their frame of reference.

2) When seeking out the help of a other health practitioners such as a Neuromuscular or Myofascial Therapist, your educated questions will test their mettle to see if they know what they’re doing

So I invite you explore the information on this site thoroughly, and before leaving the site be sure to subscribe to the Lower Back Pain Answers RSS feed (What’s an RSS feed?) because I am continually adding to this index.

Remedies for Pain Relief

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Home Lower Back Pain Remedy

Index of Therapies

Lower Back Stretches

Types of Lower Back Surgery

Back Surgery Alternatives

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Abdominal Strengthening

Correcting Postural Distortion

Sciatica Exercises

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Stephen O'Dwyer, cnmt

Neuromuscular Therapist & Pain Relief Researcher

Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT


Lower Back Pain Answers

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