Stretching Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Stretching exercises have enormous potential to lift pain and improve the quality our lives.

Not only can regular stretching relieve lower back pain, but it also has the power to liberate the flow of energy throughout your entire body.

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The Lower Back Stretches page has some of the most fundamental stretches for relieving lower back pain. Videos and photos.

I created the Full-Body Mobilizer because I wanted a thorough stretch my clients could do at work. This stretching sequence stretches the back, leg, and neck muscles using a fluid, repeated movement.

Leg Stretches for the long muscles of the legs is essential if one is suffering from lower back pain. For example, when the hamstrings are tight and short, the pelvis is fixed from below. This puts enormous pressure on the lumbar spine.

I've created a dedicated page devoted to several different types of excellent, effective Hamstring Stretches to supplement the photos and instructions on the Leg Stretches page.

The Cat Stretch is one of the most fundamental of back stretches. When down slowly, and coordinated properly with your breath, it can be wonderfully relieving not only for the back but the whole body.

Hip Stretches are a critical component of lasting lower back pain relief in at least 75% of the cases I see. Because the muscles of the hips are the stabilizers of the pelvis and lower back, they often become contracted when back issues are present.

Desk Stretches for relieving lower back pain using Active Isolated Stretching is more effective than static stretching. Simple stretching techniques you can do any time at the office.

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