Spasm in Back Muscles

by Aletta
(Holton, Kansas, USA)

My issues started about the age of 6. It started out as migraines then got worse at the age of 11. One morning I woke up and just started bawling because my back felt like it had gotten run over by a vehicle.

It just got worse throughout that day and then I developed a migraine and a fever. The pain was gone the next day but didn't stay away. It came back again and this time I couldn’t move without pain.

I went to a chiropractor and after about 4 years of going there on a regular basis, he told me I needed X-rays. What we learned was that my right hip bone locks up and this causes my back muscles to go into spasm. The pressure on my spine results in my ribs popping out of place. I also get pinched nerves and muscle knots.

I am 18 now and my doctor has refused to do anything except send me to physical therapy. So to this day I have no answer to what the actual cause of my pain is or how to take care of it on a daily basis. Exercise seems good for it but I don't over do it.

I also bought a back brace but don't wear it continuously. Just a hour a day when my back is bothering me. Heat also sometime helps but not always. My final thought is that I’ve had to learn to endure the pain and take it day by day.

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