Scoliosis and Piriformis Syndrome

by Linda
(Oakland, CA)

When I was 10 years old a school program found that I had scoliosis. My parents didn't get told what to do about the results and, since I am now 68 years old, maybe they didn't know what to do back then. My right leg began to ache at night and I pulled my legs up in bed to make it feel better, to stretch my back. By junior high school I was desperate and by high school, my back pain began to rule my life. I always knew that a muscle from my lower back to my right hip spasmed and caused awful pain, making me anxious and frightened. I couldn't stand still long, and needed to keep moving, unless I could sit down for a while. When it was really bad, only lying down helped. As I got older, the scoliosis (and the muscle pain) got worse. My parents paid for physical therapy for me for years. My present doctor is very generous with physical therapy prescriptions, but it never does any good. I thought about botox for the mysterious muscle (I hoped I didn't need a hip replacement.) I have been worried that my near future is to be bed-ridden. By searching on the net, I found information about the piriformis syndrome and then today I typed in "scoliosis and piriformis syndrome". IT IS WHAT I HAVE. I feel like I have been living in a box and the lid has just been taken off.

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