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I am a 73-year old female and have been retired as a CNMT for ten years. About three years ago at an outside training session with my Labrador Retriever, he pulled me down. I landed very hard on my left hip with resulting excruciating pain radiating from my left hip to L-4, 5. It was very difficult to walk for a couple of days but I didn't seek medical treatment. Over the last few years I have developed chronic pain over the left iliac crest and left sacrum. In 2009 I had a laminectomy of L-4 on the right due to severe spinal stenosis. The sciatic pain had become intolerable and it was very difficult to walk. The laminectomy was a success. I have a mild thoracic and lumbar scoliosis. I had a total right knee replacement one and a half years ago with very good results and good range of motion. I will be having a total right hip replacement on June 9. The hip is bone-on-bone and the pain is in the right groin and knee. Between the knee pain and now the hip pain, I have been using a cane, of course, in the left hand for almost two years. Now over the past three weeks the pain radiating from the left iliac crest has changed from an ache to more of a nerve-type of pain radiating into the left buttock and into the Iliopsoas. There is what I call a "humming" sensation from the left iliac crest to the left buttock into the iliopsoas. When I stand for any length of time the pain in that same area can be intense. I have had massages every two weeks which don't ease the pain. I have tried massaging the iliacus and the psoas myself. Applying pressure in the iliacus brings temporary relief. The psoas is very tender. I have recently restarted yoga by doing chair yoga with a very good yoga instructor. So far even with a good, sensitive yoga instructor it has been difficult to do the poses. I have had a lumbar MRI in the past six months which showed a bulging disk at L-4. The same neurosurgeon who did the laminectomy reviewed the MRI results. He said there is no stenosis in the lumbar area and feels there is no surgery that would be recommended at this time. Of course, once I have the hip replacement surgery I won't be able to do much until that is healed. In the meantime what can you recommend I do that might help? Thanks


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