When COVID hit and my private practice was closed by governor's order...

I turned my full attention to building an online learning platform to help those suffering from chronic pain.

That effort has become Relieving That Pain Online Courses where I now devote 100% of my time and energy.

A new learning platform

Relieving That Pain Online Courses is dedicated to actionable self-care tools for individuals experiencing pain for which the diagnosis has been vague or inconclusive, or anyone with mysterious or persistent symptoms that are not responding to treatment.

Relieving That Pain Online Courses empowers individuals who wish to pursue a course of action that doesn't involve painkillers, expensive equipment or fad exercise programs.

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Stephen O'Dwyer, cnmt

Neuromuscular Therapist & Pain Relief Researcher

Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT


Lower Back Pain Answers

Relieving That Pain Online Courses