Relieving That Pain Online Courses is a learning platform dedicated to detailed instruction and actionable self-care tools for individuals experiencing pain for which the diagnosis has been vague or inconclusive, or anyone with mysterious or persistent symptoms that are not responding to treatment.

Drawing on thirty years of clinical practice treating thousands of individuals, founder, Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT, has developed a complete methodology for identifying and resolving mysterious and stubborn symptoms he calls "unexplained pain."

Relieving That Pain Online Courses empowers individuals who wish to pursue a course of action that doesn't involve painkillers, expensive equipment or fad exercise programs.

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for Pain Relief and better flexibility

This course introduces you to the most accessible, powerful and lasting stretching method available: Active Isolated Stretching.

This method allows for much faster and greater muscle change without any strain whatsoever because it does not trigger the protective reflex in the muscle.

Instead of that feeling of fighting with the muscle you're trying to stretch, you can feel the muscle softening and lengthening, and you can see the range of motion changing before your eyes.

This course will introduce you to the principles of Active Isolated Stretching and show you how to apply this method to all the major muscle groups. We will stretch out the legs, the back, the hips, the chest, the shoulders and the neck. 

Active Isolated Stretching can be your secret weapon against inflexibility, your free treatment-at-home solution because you won't need to rely on so much on others for therapy.


release date: Mid 2021


Resolving the Pain and dysfunction of postural distortion

Correcting the RALF Pattern and the H-FLEX pattern

Relieve the pain of the two primary postural distortion patterns: The RALF Pattern (Right Anterior, Left Fixed Pelvic Torsion Pattern) and The H-FLEX Pattern (Hyperflexion and Forward Head Posture).

These two patterns, along with the often complex compensations they produce, account for an extremely high percentage of chronic and recurrent "unexplained" pain.

This course will guide you through the correction protocols for both patterns using a targeted self-massage treatment, identifying and correcting locked short and locked long muscle patterns, activation of antagonist muscles, introduction to the power of Progressive Ease, and much more.

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