Questions about my pain

by Rhonda

I developed on and off groin pain about a year ago. I started hurting in my pelvic area. June 2015, I had a CT scan without dye and it showed a bladder infection, along with abdominal hernia and an old injury ( 20 years ) a compressed L2 vertebra. I took meds, saw a urologist .. But the pain stayed. I had another CT scan in August 2015, because of the pain and again nothing showed but the hernias and vertebra. In Nov 2015 I again had a CT ran because the doctors thought pain was a Kidney stone. However, they said nothing showed but hernias and vertebra. In February 2016 I had my hernias fixed, hoping it would take care of the problem.

It didn't. I still have the pain. In May 2016, I saw a new doctor who said I had PSOAS muscle problems. He wants me to do physical therapy. Since I saw this doctor though, across my lower back started hurting, and vertically in my right of my back, close to the waist .

What's strange is the pain comes and goes. There are days I hurt all day in my groin, not my back. Then days I hurt all day back and groin. Then days I don't hurt it all!!! Is this normal ?

I would love to hear from some people who are more experienced with this than I am. 😄

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