Possible Iliopsoas syndrome? Don't know

by Cindy

I'm now 5 1/2 weeks dealing with this pain out of nowhere. It hit me initially in right glute and nearly buckled me to the ground. The intensity was a 10+ on a pain scale of 0-10. I've consulted with 3 different chiropractors, none of whom know one another, nor corroborate stories - they're all saying same thing: tight hip flexors, tight IT band, psoas muscle, possible piriformis. I've seen a massage therapist twice now and she works on all of the above.

I sit all day at work and have for 36 years (I do work at home so get up here and there to get water etc). Have not, in the past, been good about doing much if any stretching. I will say the pain has diminished over the weeks to almost a 1-2 when it occurs which is hit/miss. I can have good days and then wham, pain off and on, usually only with standing/walking. The pain "grabs" glutes out of nowhere = usually when standing for very long or walking. But it is almost like a nerve (sciatic I know is underneath glute muscles, piriformis etc). No pain down leg, however hamstrings very tight.

I get a "seed" planted in my head, i.e. it is a herniated disc, or worse in the spine and then I run with it. I am not a doc but seems if it were disc related it would not get better for a few days and then hit again. Any ideas out there? Seems there are a lot of "us" suffering from similar symptoms. This is very interesting site I happened upon.


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