Lower Back, Lower Abdomen, Aching Legs

by Mary
(Chicago, Il)

I have had several bouts of lower back pain in my life. I'm now 48. I work a physical job so think nothing of it. Yes, it's my back.

But I had a hysterectomy after two uterine prolapse surgeries this past December and after PT for scar tissue problems, I developed pain in my lower back, lower abdomen, aching legs and pain in my hips when walking.

Doc says walking is good for my lower back but it's painful and my legs are very heavy. I walk very slow. I stumbled onto this website and this sounds like exactly what could be causing my problems.

I just had an MRI of my lower back and there are no further disc deteriorations from my last MRI. Now I just need someone to listen. Hope this helps others who may be in my shoes.

Will update with good news hopefully when I figure this out.

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