Jane moxey

by Jane moxey
(Ex pat UK in Italy)

I think this could be me! Have a strange whirring sensation inside left groin..not painful but often causes the left leg to have problems in going forward properly sometimes..its a nasty scary feeling.the front if the left leg and ankle feel weird and are tender to touch.lower left back has a small hernia.have had back trouble for years now 67..had manipulation MR scans fusion anterior C4 5 6 titanium cage all still in place say MR scans.i do have masses of tight muscle probs and do a range of stretching exercises.Im sitting a lot in my job...on a coach always worse after journies.trouble is the symptoms are so unusual and change from day to day ..sometimes very bad. Sometimes a bit less..but they make ne feel rotten.everyone says its all muscular .weather ..humidity and change of weather affect me badly.painkillers dont help.arthritis ankles knees neck!!! Happy days...but the groin thing makes me feel scared it DOES produce symptoms in other places...could I be one with this strange muscle problem? Just having knowledge of what it is would helo..have numb sensations too ...help!! Jane

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