Putting Iliopsoas Syndrome in a Larger Context

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Iliopsoas Syndrome is a broad term used to name the dysfunction of the primary hip flexor muscle, the iliopsoas, which is actually two muscles, the iliacus and the psoas.

They are referred to as the iliopsoas because they join to form a common attachment at the upper inner thigh, the lesser trochanter.

While it is beneficial to consider and treat Iliopsoas Syndrome is a distinct dysfunction, it is crucial to see it in a broader context.

Without the addressing the broader context that gives rise to this dysfunction, it's often difficult to resolve it in a lasting way.

Here's the broader context:

Iliopsoas Syndrome in context

There are three primary, unavoidable forces acting on us at all times...




When we lose equipoise (muscular balance), postural distortion in the result.

When breathing is contricted and shallow, paradoxical breathing is the result.

When our attention on the present is infrequent, grasping mind or Second Arrow Mind, is the result.

postural distortion 

paradoxical breathing

 second arrow mind

All three primary forces contribute to and reinforce iliopsoas dysfunction.

All three, then, lead to...

Iliopsoas Syndrome

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