Hey Stephen

Another question, if I have an anterior pelvic tilt will this only work once I fix it (anterior pelvic tilt) first??

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Dec 10, 2020

by: Stephen

For pelvic torsion patterns (which I would call what you're describing) it is possible to resolve them sometimes by treating both iliopsoas muscles and going through the protocols described in this program.

However, the program wasn't created to specifically test for and correct pelvic torsion. I am currently developing that course and hope to release it in early 2021. It will be called: Postural Blueprint.

For now, two recommendations I want offer while using the iliopsoas program:

1) Add in a hamstrings stretch to what you're doing and give particular emphasis to the leg with the least flexible hamstrings.

2) When doing the lunge stretch for iliopsoas, do the same: give particular emphasis to the side that is least flexible.

By targeting what's least flexible (especially hidden regions of inflexibility) we can resolve numerous aches and pains and some cases of pelvic torsion. More entrenched torsion patterns will require the Postural Blueprint.

Exposing and addressing hidden inflexibility is a big part of the new program to be released in 5 days, on December 15, 2020 : Stretching Blueprint.

I hope that helps!


Dec 10, 2020
by: Jeffrey Kim

More like a lateral pelvic tilt, but my left side is anterior tilted and right side is posterior tilted..

Dec 09, 2020

by: Stephen

You mean you have a bilateral anterior tilt? Both sides are tilting forward equally?

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