Finally an Answer!!

by Collette
(Salt Lake, Utah USA)

I'm in my mid 50’s, female, very small & fit, active, quite strong. 25 years ago a chiropractor pulled on my right leg. I not only FELT it like a bullet, but I think you could hear the pop. It hurt for a week or two, then seemed to get better.

After a year or two it started hurting again. Spent 1/2 fortune trying chiropractic, acupuncture, shock, lasers, you name it, probably tried it. But got the most relief from a good massage.

Finally about 10 years ago it started becoming more & more painful, crippling & just plain HURT 70% of the time. As you say, nothing ever shows up in X-rays or MRIs. I've been diagnosed with everything from arthritis to bulging disc… none of which I think I have!!

Finally, the doctor at long last listened to me when I said it was my leg not my back & sent me in to the massage therapist he employs there at the office. She knew EXACTLY what the problem was as soon as I showed her where it hurt.

She dug in (soon had me in tears) but what a difference. For the first time in 10 years I am not feeling that pain "deep down.” She told me to google it, I found this site, read your article and said THAT'S IT!!!

My question now is why in the *!*! did it take 50 people, 10 years, thousands of dollars for a proper diagnosis which I finally believe I have - Iliopsoas Syndrome. Very exciting and I’m hopeful for some relief after all these years of horrible pain.

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Jul 28, 2012
Me too?
by: Anonymous

Hi Collette,

I've suddenly developed this awful pain and I'm really worrying about it as it came right out of the blue. Can you let me know exactly what your symptoms were? The pain I have is over my hip bone and it's radiating over to my outer thigh. I'm finding it hard to walk comfortably and I love walking.


Sep 06, 2014
Me too?
by: Sophie

I have a very similar situation. It is very crippling, and makes all movement a challenge. I'm in pain all the time. What specifically helped you two? Thank you!

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