Educate to Eradicate...

by Deanna
(Chicago, IL)

I am so grateful that I've found your site. I, too, am a firm believer that if you have some comprehension about your issue, you can help control the direction of your healing.

The fuzz video was educational and helped me see what the inactivity of my pain was doing to my body and all of the information that you've given has helped me want to take a more starring role in my recovery.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...


Response from Stephen at LBPA:

Hi there Deanna,

Thank you for visiting Lower Back Pain Answers. I'm delighted you were able to find some helpful information.

Yes, the fuzz video by Gil Hedley seems to shed a lot of light on how the body gets tight and locked up when we don't move and stretch regularly.

That's wonderful that you feel inspired to take more of a "starring role," as you say, in your own recovery. I sincerely hope that many others will take inspiration from you. This is really the only way we can conquer the epidemic of lower back pain.

Wishing you well,

Stephen @ LBPA

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