Condition arose during pregnancy!

by Lisa Marie
(Lancaster, PA USA)

I'm 7 months into my first pregnancy and I am in absolutely excellent health. I have not gained much weight and am just starting to show a belly.

For a little over a month the very front of my pelvic bone, on the left side only, has been so sore, painful, and swollen. It even looks through my skin that this area has it's own blood supply with all of the veins that are showing around the area (and are not on the other side of my body!).

Beyond the soreness on that single spot on my pelvic bone I have not been able to follow the pain anywhere, nor relieve it, it just seems to 'disappear into no where' without a muscle to massage or anything and it had me baffled.

The last couple of appointments with my chiropractor over the last month I have told her of this pain, and she has figured out that I have a sprained, or overstretched iliopsoas.

That information led me to this website during an internet search. The information here is amazing, and I have had many of these types of symptoms all throughout my life.

I am very thankful that I finally know of this problem and can work to resolve it before I create complications for my baby's birth. Thank you so much for the helpful information, and God Bless!

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