Work injury

by Steve

In April of this year I was injured in an explosion at my job. A piece of metal punctured my abdomen at high velocity like a gun shot. The projectile lodged in my left psoas muscle and after emergency surgery, it was removed, but not before extensive bowel reconstruction.

Three months later and I am undergoing physical therapy to stretch out the muscles. So far it seems to help with general walking, but I am experiencing lower back and groin pain. Also shooting burning sensation down the inside of my thigh to my knee.

There is also genital dysfunction which is the most alarming of all. My doctor says this is most likely permanent. The therapists seem to know what they are doing and I have faith that after all is said and done, my lasting pain will be minimal. I am thankful just to be alive at this point. Although I have to endure the pain for now, I keep a positive attitude and hope for the best.

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Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT


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