Terrible Hip pain!

by Wayne Martinez
(San Antonio, TX)

During my 22 years in the Army I always had some back problem but nothing I could not stretch out and continue exercising and have normal movement.

A couple of months ago I felt a very different type of back pain and a MRI showed I have a bulging disk that was touching a spinal nerve and it was causing me a lot of intense nerve pain.

The nerve pain has gone but what I still have is this real "vise-like" pain I have around my hips and if I stood for more than 20-30 minutes it would radiate down the from of my hips and just grip my buttock.

I basically could not stand whenever I felt this pain. It has really affected my daily living. The only way relief I could get was to lay down in bed. Since I thought this was associated with the bulging disk I was going to see a Ortho Spine MD to talk about maybe surgical intervention.

I don't want to treat the symptoms I want to get rid of the problem at the root. I googled back and hip pain together and that is how I came to know about iliosoas Syndrome. I have all the classic signs and I do seat a lot at my job so the more I read the more I knew this is what's causing my pain.

It was good to finally put a diagnosis with my symptoms. Now I know how to attack it and with time and discipline be pain free real soon so I can get back a normal life. Well, my story is probably like a lot of others out there with same problem. Lets talk about it so we can learn from one another to better take care of ourselves.

Good Luck!

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