Suffered for 5 Years

by Jan
(Manhattan, Illinois)

My name is Jan and I've suffered for at least 5 years with psoas pain. It started when I had knee pain and went to an orthopedic surgeon.

The MRI didn’t show anything. I told him I thought I had bursitis in my hip because I've always felt sore on my right side. He said hip pain had nothing to do with my problem.

He then did a surgical evaluation and found I had small meniscus tear, a plica (a fold or ridge of tissue) had grown on to a fatty pad. He extracted it, removed the plica, and fixed meniscus.

It took months to heal from this. I just sat for 3 months with ice. Physical therapy wasn't much help and my hip & knee have continued to hurt from that day, 5 years ago.

One day I just could barely lift my leg to put my pants on. I felt like it was a muscle problem and my hip hurt to even touch it. I stretched but I was getting pain in my lower back now.

I went to several doctors, chiropractors, and even a neurologist in Chicago. I had developed sciatic pain and tingling in my foot. I had one chiropractor tell me that, according to an X-ray, he could see that I have a problem when bending to my right.

He explained about the psoas and and massaged the muscle three times a week did adjustments on my spine. I went for a year. Now I know how to stretch it on my own but I still have pain.

The best thing I’ve done for myself is watch my PH Balance. When my PH is too acidic my muscles hurt like crazy. I have to watch my diet, take coral calcium daily, drink a lot of water. And my newest discovery is yoga. Hope this helps someone out there.

By the way, make sure to check out your blood PH. All diseases thrive in an acidic environment. Get more alkaline. Check out

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