Sudden Pain Out of Nowhere

by Brian
(La Vergne, Tennessee)

I had just walked into my home when out of nowhere a very sharp pain hit me in my hip. I was not sure what had just happened. All I knew is that I had to sit down.

That night while in bed I tried to turn over but was unable to do so because of a serious pain in my hip and back. I dealt with the pain for four days before going to get it checked out by a doctor.

I got a CT scan but it showed nothing out of the ordinary. My doctor thought that it may just be a muscle strain. He prescribed my Flexeril and Naproxen, but neither medicine does nothing for my pain.

Here it is two days later and I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back and hips. That’s when I knew that is was more than just a simple muscle strain. I decided to search the internet by putting in my symptoms to see what would pop up.

What popped up was Iliopsoas Syndrome.

It described my symptoms to the letter. On Monday morning I am going back to my doctor with this new information. Hopefully pain relief is near.

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