Standing too long!

by Judy Lyden
(Newburgh, IN USA)

I had been wearing my beloved toe shoes for three years and standing on concrete floors too many hours. I developed a deep pain in the fold between leg and trunk. I kept thinking this would go away if I just stayed off my feet. It didn't. It happened in November of 2013. Having a tremendous fear of being misdiagnosed, I finally sought medical help in January. Dr said it was a pinched nerve...I said "No," it wasn't. We argued back and forth. Her muscle relaxers did not help. In March of 2014, I went to a deep tissue massage therapist (on my own) who told me it was an iliopsoas injury, and because it was left so long, it would take quite a while to heal. Her treatment, although very welcome and trusted, is worse than three of my childbirth experiences.

My pain is chronic and affects walking, standing and climbing stairs. I own a small school for little guys and I am extremely active often on my feet ten to twelve hours a day. I just hurt all the time. After four months of deep therapy massage, I have a lot more mobility, and I can sleep. It's just going to take a lot of time.

Love this article because it has hit the target like a bull's eye.

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