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Understanding Lower Back Pain: What You Need to Know for Lasting Relief

Lower Back Pain Causes - Musculoskeletal & Pathological Causes

Lower Back Pain Remedies - Innovative Therapies and Strategies

Lower Back Pain Treatment - An Index of Back Pain Therapies

What is a Herniated Disc?

Tensor Fascia Lata - A Major Cause of Unexplained Hip Pain

Lower Back and Hip Pain - 7 Overlooked Causes

Iliopsoas Syndrome - The Hidden Root of Pain

Trigger Points - A Major Key to Unlocking Lower Back Pain

Trigger Point Massage Therapy - Part 1

Trigger Point Massage Therapy - Part 2

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction - A Clear Definition and Strategies for Relief

Stress - A Perpetuating Factor for Lower Back Pain

True Sciatica - Definitions and Strategies for Relief

Sciatica Exercises

Best Sciatica Home Treatment Methods

Stretching Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Best Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Best Hip Stretches to Relieve Hip & Back Pain

Best Hamstring Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Top 10 Benefits of Stretching

Desk Stretches for Relieving Lower Back Pain at the Office

Abdominal Exercises - Supporting the Core of Your Body

Static Stretching vs Active Isolated Stretching

Types of Lower Back Surgery - Exploring Options

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One-Sided Lower Back Pain - Postural Distortion is the Probable Cause

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What is a Herniated Disc?

Cause Of Lower Back Pain - Five Primary Problems

The Cause of Lower Back Pain - A Neuromuscular Perspective

Piriformis Syndrome - aka Sciatic Nerve Entrapment

Nerve Compression and Entrapment - Two Distinct Causes of Pain

Tight Leg Muscles - A Perpetuating Factor for Lower Back Pain

Paradoxical Breathing - A Perpetuating Factor for Lower Back Pain

Dysfunctional Biomechanics - Why Lower Back Pain Persists

Spinal Stenosis Explanation

Sedentary Lifestyle - A Perpetuating Factor for Lower Back Pain

Back Pain Research - Innovations in Understanding

Home Lower Back Pain Remedy - Video Series

Diaphragmatic Breathing - Relieving Lower Back Pain with Your Breath

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief - Symptoms and Solutions

A Somatic View of the Body

Deep Tissue Massage - To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Rolfing - Restoring Balance Means Relief from Lower Back Pain

Fascia - Its Role in Causing Lower Back Pain

The Iliopsoas Muscle - Instructions for Manual Therapy Treatment

Treatment for Lower Back Pain Using Neuromuscular Therapy

Treatment for Lower Back Pain Neuromuscular Therapy - Part 2

Kneelsit Chairs - To Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Stress Level Quiz - What's Your Stress Level Score?

Perfect Morning Stretch - The Pelvic Tilt

Gentle Spinal Twist Stretch

Gluteal Stretches - Essential to Relieving Back Pain

Leg Stretches - Adductors, Hamstrings, Quadriceps & Hip Flexors

Advanced Abdominal Exercises

Discectomy and Microdiscectomy

Foraminotomy and the Endoscopic Approach

Cordotomy and Alternative Surgical Procedures

Hanna Somatics Movement Therapy

Sensory-Motor Amnesia - A Powerful, Hidden Cause of Lower Back Pain

Postural Distortion - A Primary Cause of Lower Back Pain

Create Your Own Website and Say Hello to a New Career

Articles from the Iliopsoas Forum

Pilates Trainer with Chronic Hip Pain

Lower Back Pain Answers - Relieve Your Back Pain NOW

Spasm in Back Muscles

Runner with Hip and Lower Back Ache

Father of Triplets Can't Stand Up


Belly Dancer with Back Pain Told to Strengthen Abs

Pelvic Pain of Unknown Origin

Trochanteric Bursitis and Iliopsoas Syndrome

3 Years of Recurring Hip Pain

From Fit and Happy to Disabled and Depressed

Is the Psoas Muscle Causing My Husband to Bend Forward?

Desk Stretches Helped

Pain in My Lower Back

Finally an Answer!!

Multiple Diagnoses & Pain Before and After Hip Arthroscopy

Terrible Time Walking

My Doctor Thinks I'm Crazy

Diagnosed with Psoas Syndrome

Hidden Prankster Sufferer

Cramping in Upper Thighs

My Iliopsoas Dysfunction Discovery and Yoga

Pain After Cycling

Finally the Answer to My Dilemma

Disabled and Suffering

Bike Accident

Injured International Hockey Player

20 Months of Pain Getting Worse

Injured Professional Surfer

My Sister Injured While Skiiing

Camel Pose and Table Pose Relieve Pain

Suffered for 5 Years

I Thought it Was Sciatic Pain

Seven years of pain - Is it the psoas?

Lower Back, Lower Abdomen, Aching Legs

Pain at Top Corner of Pelvis, Hip Flexors, and Lower Back

Dull Pain in My Groin

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Extreme Lower Back Pain

Work injury

This page has "me" written all over it!

Groin Pain

Running Out of Non-Surgical Options

Terrible Hip pain!

Condition arose during pregnancy!

So I'm not crazy?


Feeling Much Better

Dangerous Condition?

Distance Runner Hip Pain

Hip and groin pain

Long Distance Driving Causing Pain

Pain and Weakness in My Right Leg

Lower Back Pain for 4 Years

Goodluck to Me & My Iliopsoas Syndrome

"Hip Pain"

Nerve Pain Might Be Iliopsoas Syndrome

Tight Hamstrings

Groin Pain

My Solution to Back Pain from Lifting Weights

Working My Way Back from Hip, Leg and Back Pain

Gym class ruined my back!

Scoliosis and Piriformis Syndrome

SI Joint Problem

16 Year Old Mess

What a nightmare - But I'm on my way BACK

Lower back pain for 6 months

My Daughter's Terrible Back Condition


Leg Pain

Lower Back Muscle is Causing My Neck and Head to be Tight

Articles from other Forums

The Fuzz Speech Video Helpful

Fuzz Speech and Range of Motion

Back and Hip Pain

Fuzz Speech

Sciatica Relief


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