SI Joint Problem

by Jill T. Hill

Hi everyone, I'm 39 years old and a single mum of three girls. My problem started four years ago. I was mopping my kitchen floor and I got a sharp pain in my lower back. After seeing my GP I got some pain killers and returned to work. A month later my back seized up and I was off work for six months. During this time I went to see a remedial therapist who diagnosed a prolapsed disc at L5, but he also said it was not the root cause of my pain. After a few visits he said I had a problem with my left SI joint. I was sent to the hospital for treatment and the consultant advised a cordial epidural into my lower lumber region. This should have helped ease the pian but it didn't do anything for me. Since then I've had three MRI scans and numerous injections into my lower back, none of which helped at all. I also had a second cordial epidural and had an allergic reaction. Now I have to walk with a walking aid and I'm not allowed to drive my car because my leg sometimes collapses in pain. I have gone from being a caregiver to now having to receive care because I can't do a lot of things I used to be able to do. My third hospital visit has now confirmed what I had already been told all that time ago: that, yes, my left SI joint is hypermobile. I've been put on Morphine which is helping slightly with the pain. My wonderful chiropractor is the only one that has never lied to me and always said it how it is. My right side is now weakening by the day and I have had to change the support belt I wear daily. I'm now in no man's land as the next stage is either sclerosing injections to try and stiffen the ligaments or fusing the joint.

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Apr 14, 2012
Lower Back Pain
by: gaz

I have had surgery twice to rectify a similar issue at L5 - S1 and have had no relief at all. I have chronic sciatica and it is horrid.

I have had spinal injections only to have a few hours relief (it was nice but it came back with a vengeance). I was told if injections didn’t work I was to have a spinal fusion but was later told by a different surgeon this would only make matters worse.

I’ve also been told that because the injections offered no relief no further treatments would be offered. When I asked why, I was just told to live with it and soldier on with my symptoms.

I just wish it was that easy. A lot of people do not understand back pain until they have it and realize it is not that easy to live with or live with the person who has it.

I am 43 and I have to say with great regret I would not go through this again even though I was told these operations were needed. You do anything to get rid of pain.

I am now 43 and it has finished my working career. I have tried everything and I am now getting to the stage where I need help doing a lot of everyday tasks.

Luckily I have a good wife and understanding kids. Back pain is a big life changer.

Dec 08, 2011
same here!
by: Anonymous

Have you tried prolotherapy??? I had a slip and fall at work a year ago and have been off work for 7 months now but have been dealing with the pain for a year now. I have been diagnosed with a SI joint injury and have been receiving prolotherapy injections which have seemed to help. I hope this offers some help. I know how frustrating this can be.

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