Seven years of pain - is it the psoas?

by Lori Crawford
(Newark, DE)

My daughter has suffered right lower quadrant pain for 7 years. It started when she was ten. She has had every test you can think of. Doctors thought it was GI related and she had upper and lower GI tests. Then they did ultrasounds and found an ovarian cyst and said it was that. The problem didn't get any better. She has had CAT scans of every organ with and without contrast. They all turned out fine. This has been so frustrating!!

We have been to our local children's hospital that is suppose to be one of the best in the world. Everyone there thinks it is in my daughter's head. Three years ago she had her appendix out and exploratory surgery which revealed mild endometreosis. The GYN put her on birth control pills which she has been on for four years with no relieve from the pain.

One doctor said it could be her psoas. She has had several years worth of physical therapy which helps a little but doesn't last very long. She has tried chiropractic which also helped a little but as soon as she quit going the pain was back. The pain has gotten a lot worse over the past year. It will wake her from a dead sleep and she will be up for hours. It seems to be bad every morning when she wakes up and the spasms and sharp stabbing pain comes and goes all day long.

The only doctors that have helped is a massage therapist specializing in ART. Insurance doesn't cover him and at $90 a visit it's very expensive. Our latest trip has been to the Rothman Institute in PA. The sports medicine doctor ordered an MRI of the right lower quadrant and we are waiting for results from that. I do think it is her psoas muscle.

Her pelvis is tilted and her spine is twisted. Her right lower back has a bulge in it that also causes her some pain. Just picking up her right foot to put tights on in the morning causes the pain to start. We are both so frustrated! I just want my daughter to be able to go to college pain free. I want to never have to go to another doctor's office and have them think we are crazy! If anyone has any advice please let me know.

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Jun 14, 2015
Abdominal pain/psoas syndrome
by: Anonymous

I have had lower left abdominal pain for almost a year. Sharp, debilitating pain. My obgyn told me it was in my head (so I found another Doc.) My new Doc thinks my pain may be psoas syndrome. To your daughter, I'm sorry someone told you it was all in your head, they sound arrogant and misinformed. I wish you well and hope you get relief from your pain.

Apr 23, 2016
So sorry....don't let them do anymore damage
by: Rachel

First, from one mom to another I am so sorry you are watching your daughter go through this pain. It must be heart wrenching. As a woman who has suffered for ten years and been to over a hundred medical and mental professionals with varying diagnosis I understand the frustration. I too have had multiple upper endoscopes, colonoscopies, mri, xray, ct, medications, counseling to no avail and am still in severe pain daily. Driving and sitting are the worst as it shortens the psoas. My pain comes on almost immediately upon bring on my feet in the morning. By night I am in tears. I have mid to low right quadrant pain that is worst at my right groin and runs down to my knee and somedays further. It has effected my left side as well and now my back. I have four kids still at home as well as a small business. My life has severely been effected. It is hard to function somedays and people don't unserstand. I am sure your daughter and you are also experiencing this.
Here is where I want you to listen. The doctors were so tired of seeing me that I was misdiagnosed with adenomyosis of the uterus. I was assured that I would be a brand new woman by having a hysterectomy. Sadly I agreed and I had a perfectly healthy uterus removed after it was biopsied multiple times upon removal. As well I am in worse pain now with new and worse symptoms. I get angry and concerned when I see them talking about female issues in this young girl. Functional cyst are normal. Starting the pill at that age will reek havoc on her body as I too started the pill very young and paid the price. As well please do not let them do anymore surgeries or procedures on her. Keep looking for an orthopedist to look closer at her body and keep looking for that chiro and physical therapist that truly wants to help with the psoas.

Keep me updated please and I will be praying for you, really. Please hug her and you and know that someone's feels your daughters pain.

Jun 21, 2019
Another piece of the puzzle
by: RN/Nutritionist

I know this is an old post, but I too have had a tight psoas for years, and told was caused by ovarian cyst. Only thing that helped was massage therapy. I will tell you as well, that I had 12 different micronutrient deficiencies after having two babies and a lot of stress, and those darn nutrients seem to be what caused all my muscles to be tight/tense and spasm. I did micronutrient testing from a naturopath ($400, and insurance didn’t cover), but so thankful I did! Low iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, calcium, etc. I had myofascial pain syndrome, which resolved with nutrient repletion! The last of the aches and pains went away when I was able to sleep good again. Had to take magnesium, melatonin, and valerian root to do so for a while. I now only have 5-10% of the muscle pain I had 2 years ago. Worth a shot for anyone suffering like this. Best of luck!

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