Seizing Up of the Hips

by Janet
(South Africa )

I had a laminectomy & silicon disc replacement in August 2012 & the surgery apparently went very well. I was up & walking in 12 hours although painful & had exercises to do daily. I rested & walked a lot but still developed swelling on the spine & was told that there was liquid at the operation site which would disappear with time.

Walking became harder & more painful & then my hips started "seizing up" with cramping in the calves but the specialist said to keep on walking & that I would be fine to start riding again by 3 months after the operation.

I am now almost unable to walk with constant pain & seizing up of the hips causing me to battle to place one foot in front of the other.

Due to the distance & financial problems, I am unable to see a physiotherapist or the specialist.

Can someone please help me as I need answers as to what the problem might be & how I can rectify it?

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