Pilates Trainer with Chronic Hip Pain

by Michele
(Long Island, NY)

Yoga in Montauk

Yoga in Montauk

Hello. I'm 42, female and had fusion surgery 11 years ago in my lumbar region. I had a quick recovery, got into fitness training a year after my surgery, and have been instructing ever since.

Within the last 4 months I started having what I describe as hip spasms. Burning pain that would come on without much notice. The pain began as mild and annoying. Then became more moderate and at times got severe where all I could do was cry and wait.

The pain is mostly in the left hip, just outside of left groin and the iliac crest. Sometimes I feel it in my gluteus medius. Strangely enough, it is always present when I am in bed starting to fall asleep. Just laying there still can be agonizing.

I've done chiropractic, physical therapy, many, many stretches and meditation. All have helped to some degree but now I'm feeling it getting bad again. I am depressed that i cannot teach classes. I need to work! I planned on being a trainer into my 60's. I don't know what else to do.

Are cortisone shots next? My X-rays and MRIs are normal.

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