Pain in My Lower Back

by Karen Mc
(Neptune Beach, FL, USA)

I am not sure if this is what I have but it sounds a bit like it, in that as time has gone on, it has developed from one set of nerve pain to involve different areas. I have been puzzled as to why I have pain in the inguinal area on the same side, and it seems to be coming across from my lower back into that area. I have mentioned it a couple of times to my doctor with a blank look result. I can't feel anything with my hand that is different there or anywhere else, for that matter. But my pain has moved into more and more areas over the years. I sit 8 hours daily, for 40 hours a week, and as the pain gets worse my desire to exercise gets more and more limited.

I have pain in my lower back, which is where it all started, and then it progressed to involve my buttock on that side, then to also involve pain in what feels like the INSIDE of my hip, leading me to wonder if my hip joint is degenerating. That pain is particularly sharp and just as if something is burning the inside of my hip. Finally there is the kind of inguinal pain that is on the inside of my thigh on the same side.

I am desperate for help. I had a "minidiscectomy" about 8 years ago now, have been seeing a pain management doctor for about 7 years now. I have had injections which worked initially, and then lasted for less and less periods of time. I underwent a spinal implant/stimulator 2 years ago, and the result has been most disappointing. Now I don't even want to see my doctor anymore, because what he is willing to prescribe for me helps very, very minimally, and I don't want to waste the money required with my copay.

I did go to a massage therapist for a while, and that seemed to help me quite a bit, but then I could not afford to keep going as my copay was too much for me to afford.

I know that my job is hurting me, but I cannot afford to retire yet.

I would be interested in learning more about any therapy or surgery even that would help me.

Thank you,

Karen Mc

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Aug 07, 2012
Swimming Might Help
by: Stephen from Lower Back Pain Answers

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry you're having so much discomfort. In the coming year I hope to put out a DVD to help individuals such as yourself who may be suffering from Iliopsoas Syndrome. Please be sure to sign up for my newsletter, Back Answers, so you know when that comes out.

In the meantime: In order to counteract hours of sitting it's essential to move and stretch the hip flexors (psoas and iliacus muscles) on a daily basis. The least stressful way to do that is in water. Swimming at least 5 times per week (for each day of sitting) not only gets the hip flexors moving but releases tension in the whole body.

However, you should always consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

And if you haven't yet checked out the stretching exercises on this site, I highly recommend doing that.

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