Pain and Weakness in My Right Leg

by Arjay
(Chandler, AZ USA)

 I'm not exactly sure how it happened, either by dead-lifting or by doing yoga.

It started out as a little bit of tightness in my hips and general weakness when standing for long periods of time. Now have weakness in my right leg, and it radiates down to my knee.

I'm not sure if my left leg is trying to compensate for the weakness or what, but both hips feel unstable and my legs are always tight, regardless of getting massages.

I've been dealing with pain for about a year and a half and now it's affecting my everyday activities such as playing basketball, and weight lifting especially!

I've had X-rays and an MRI on my lower back and everything came back normal. I don't know what is going on but I do a lot of research to understand it better and this page was really helpful in figuring out what it could be. Hopefully I can allieviate some pain!

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