Nerve Pain Might Be Iliopsoas Syndrome

I am an accountant so I sit for most of the day. I am very active but I have been limited over the last few years due to my hip problems. I had sciatica for a while but it ended up going away. I then started having pain in my groin due to limited mobility.

I figured out that my glutes were very weak. Over time my hips got tighter and one day they got so tight that I started having numbness in my thigh. I always find myself constantly adducting my legs to crack my hips as it feels that it will make the pain go away.

I tried seeing doctors but no one seemed to have an answer. I did some PT (on my own) by strengthening my glutes and stretching. It got a little better but it seems like I can't quite get it right. Recently, I also started getting a little numbness in my right leg.

I have been resting and applying heat and the numbness has subsided. Iliopsoas Syndrome seems to have very similar symptoms to what I'm experiencing. Sitting in a cross-legged position is very uncomfortable for me. It feels like the muscles can't relax. Help me!!

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