Find a Massage Therapist or
Neuromuscular Therapist

The Search for a Massage Therapist

The request for a recommendation of a massage therapist is one of the most frequent inquiries I receive here at Lower Back Pain Answers.

While it's impossible for me to recommend therapists personally (unless they have studied with me here in Vermont), I have compiled a list of resources below to get you started in your search.

The first thing to know is that it's not essential to find a Neuromuscular Therapist in order to help relieve your back pain or other types of aches and pains.

While a Neuromuscular Therapist will have received specialized training and may be needed for more complicated problems, an experienced massage practitioner can help to relieve many kinds of muscular pain.

Second, it may be necessary to try a couple of therapists before you find someone who's a good fit. It's more important find someone you're comfortable with rather than getting too fixed on the notion that "I need this type of therapy or that."

Guidelines for Choosing a Massage Therapist

In addition to your general comfort level with the individual here are some basic guidelines to consider when selecting a therapist…

1. Does the therapist have a website where they talk about how they work and provide a summary of their training?

(Not having a website should by no means be a deal-breaker because many hands-on therapists are not tech savvy, but a website can reflect a seriousness of purpose.)

2. If the therapist doesn't have a website, is he or she able to articulate clearly how they work when you speak to them on the phone? Do they ask good questions about your problem? Do they possess good listening skills?

3. In the therapy session itself, does the therapist display flexibility and openness or are they fixed and rigid about "their agenda" of what they want to accomplish?

While it's a positive thing for a therapist to have a clear idea about what they'd like to try, if they have too much of an agenda they may fail to see your particular problem with clear vision.

Below are links to some directories where you can begin your search for a massage therapist or other type of therapist in your region.

Please remember that I cannot actually endorse the therapists that you may find via the resources below because I don't know them personally

Begin Your Search for a Massage Therapist

NMT Center of Judith Delaney
Neuromuscular Therapists who have studied with Judith Delaney, one of the leading pioneers in the dissemination of Neuromuscular Therapy in the West.

Find Judith Delaney trained Neuromuscular Therapists (opens new window)

National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

Find National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (opens new window)

American Institute for Myofascial Studies
From what I can tell by reading through their core curriculum, therapists trained through this institute are worth investigating.

Find massage therapists trained through the American Institute for Myofascial Studies (opens new window)

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy
This is a form of trigger point massage therapy. Those trained in this method will likely have a understanding of trigger points and how to release them.

Find a Bonnie Prudden trained Myotherapist (opens new window)

The St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center
The St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center located in Clearwater, Florida, USA, is the clinic of Paul St. John, founder of the St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy.

Go to The St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center (opens new window)

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT)
Therapists trained through Precision seem to have gone through a solid training.

Find a practitioner trained in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (opens new window)

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Find a Therapist through AMTA (opens new window

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