Longtime Runner Trying to Self-Diagnose

by Anna
(North Carolina, USA)

I have been running for close to 20 years, and my body is finally starting to break down from it's dysfunction and lack of strength and mobility in my hip/core area.

Too many years of running through nagging pain has caught up to me, now I am a 30-year old in what feels like a 70-year old body.

This past summer I started having terrible ITB pain in both legs and nagging pain in my hips. Have been in physical therapy since August, twice a week, getting Astym and dry needling to my quads, buttocks, piriformis, hamstrings. Have also been religiously doing a boatload of strengthening and mobility exercises.

The ITB pain subsided for a short while but it is creeping back and the hip pain has never stopped and is only getting worse. It feels like an indian burn wrapping from my back all around my iliac crest, front and side of the hip and down the front of my leg. My piriformis is also inflamed. Both legs.

After reading a lot on the internet, I am realizing that I need to find a new doctor, therapist, or someone to treat with a new approach. Also wondering if anyone has any advice on getting cortisone injections to help release the inflammation?

Any advice greatly appreciated. I am desperate!

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