I Thought it Was Sciatic Pain

by Crystal

The sharp pain in my sacral area started a few years ago. I get tingly feet and my legs feel fatigued as if I’ve just run a marathon.

When I stretch it helps but only temporarily. When I palpate my psoas and massage it gently in circular motion I’m able to walk 'normally because usually I walk like a pirate (joking).

Had MRI only to show a mild disk bulge in L4-L5-S1 and some arthritic vertebrae.

I'm now 29 and have always been active with work and exercise. Even as a child I played hard.

I have my good days, but when this acts up it affects my daily living even preventing me from work. It's definitely a nuisance.

I did physical therapy and tried low impact to zero exercise hoping whatever this was would go away. But no luck.

I feel my pain in the groin, gluteal region, pelvic area and sometimes not all at the same time. And it switches from side to side. (I’m guessing from compensation?)

I’ve been to the emergency room only to get steroid or pain shots in hip area. I wish I could afford massage to keep it at bay.

Any suggestions?

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