Groin Pain

by Molly Johnson
(Des Plaines, Ill)

I have suffered with groin pain for about 3 years. I had cortisone shots in my hip and groin area 2 years ago. When it didn't work they gave me another huge dose of it. I then had so much cortisone that I ballooned in my face, neck and stomach.

I then got blood clots in my legs which broke loose and went to all 4 lung lobes. They say it is rare but it can happen after cortisone shots. After I recovered from all that I went to physical therapy for 3 months trying to releive this groin pain.

They finally told me it was all in my head. I had a friend who is a PT and she evaluated me and said you need a new hip. So she suggested a orthopedic surgeon and sure enough they said I needed a new hip. So I finally felt I had the answer to why I had all this pain.

One month ago I had a total hip replacement. I was so excited to think that my groin pain would be gone but it is still there. Along with low back pain and buttock pain.

That same friend has been giving me physical therapy at home and has mentioned my problem is the iliopsoas muscle so I just happened to google it and this page came up.

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