Grandmother in pain

by Elaine

My pain is in my right lower back, buttock, groin and pelvic floor.

It sometimes gives me tight calf muscles. I have been seeing an osteopath and chiropractor for over 1 year looking for relief of my pain. An internal medicine doctor diagnosed me recently with an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and 2 weeks ago I had a cortisone injection. Unfortunately, it gave relief for a few days and now I am in more pain than before. I feel like I am turning around in circles.

There is no doubt that both the OSTEO and Chiro have provided me with some relief but it never seems to last and I always have some lingering pain. I have a few days of feeling almost better and then for no obvious reason, my pain escalates.

Tonight as I write this, my groin feels like it is on fire. And I have tightness in my pelvic floor.. and my back hurts a lot.

I also want to mention that 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Pelvic Floor spasms or Ani Levator syndrome. The specialized pelvic floor physiotherapist who treated me on several occasions provided me with tremendous relief of this condition.i have been back periodically to receive treatments from her. She has indeed found very tight muscles and ligaments in my pelvic area.

Can anyone shed some light on what type of therapy can help? Has anyone had similar experiences? Are the psoas muscles possibly to blame and my therapists are maybe not providing me with all of the right type of treatments?

Thank you in advance for helping me in any way possible.

Elaine in Canada

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