Dangerous Condition?

by Sandy Retka
(Minnesota, USA)

Sounds like me, I have the symptoms almost to the core of what you say can present. Dr. hasn't figured it out yet. Haven't had MRI yet but hoping for soon.

Is this a dangerous condition? I am very anxious about my symptoms.


Response from Stephen at Lower Back Pain Answers:

Hi Sandy,

If Iliopsoas Syndrome is, in fact, what you're suffering from then no, it's not dangerous in and of itself. Painful, yes. Dangerous, no.

The only "dangers" are the extent to which tight and short iliopsoas muscles can distort the spine potentially leading to disc bulging or herniation. Bulging or herniated discs can press on spinal nerves and cause tremendous pain.

Your physician should be able to rule out disc bulging or herniation by viewing the MRI or X-ray results.

If the results of your MRI or X-ray are positive for disc bulging or herniation, then you must be especially mindful of your physician's instructions or cautions regarding what stretches or exercises are okay to do.

I'm in the process of developing a complete DVD series for Iliopsoas Syndrome and other back problems. If you're interested to know when it comes out be sure to sign up for my newsletter ("Subscribe" in the Navigation Bar or bottom of the home page.)

Hope that helps!


Stephen @ LBPA

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