Cramping in Upper Thighs

by Robert
(Winchester, CA, USA)

I have been riding a stationary bike for over a year for a minimum of 45 minutes a day followed by sit-ups.

I started to have extreme cramping in my upper thigh area especially when standing. Next I experienced hip pain and a dull ache in both upper hamstrings.

I have no lower back pain. The symptoms are bilateral except I have very infrequent shooting sciatic pain in my left leg from the middle buttocks to above the knee. I have an audible popping noise when I lift and lower my right leg.

I have seen chiropractors and my medical doctor. I have had some relief from deep tissue massage. But they all overlook or discount the thigh/groin pain and the popping.

From reviewing your article about Iliopsoas Syndrome it matches all of my symptoms. I will be scheduling PT based on my doctor's referral but the referral is for lumbosacral radiculopathy.

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Apr 16, 2013
Thigh Spasms
by: Anonymous

For the last three years I have awoken to spasms in my upper thigh (quads). After six MRIs, nerve tests, acupuncture, & massage therapy, I am still without any answers and it is getting worse. And now it has started in my other leg. VERY frustrated. Does anyone have this too?

Sep 03, 2014
No more hiking for a while, will it get better?
by: Anonymous

Me too, I wake up to a very painful cramped up thigh. I've had the steroidal injections into the iliopsoas tendon and had complete relieve for 12 hours and moderate relief for a couple days.
My OS wants to do a revision of the Total Hip replacement he did 12 weeks ago to relieve the tension on the tendon by shortening the neck of the implant thereby bring the leg closer in to my body and relieving the pain (crosses his fingers) they really don't know what to do when this happens. I think it was shortened from before the surgery because extention was painful and I even slept with a pillow under my knee.
Have another apt in a couple days. Seeming like I just will have to do the stretching but everything irritates this tendon and just shuts me down. Hurts so bad just to walk. Cant lift my leg up off the bed without pain- rolling over hurts.
I hope I won't have to live like this. I really loved hiking and this has completely taken that out of the picture.

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