Camel Pose and Table Pose Relieve Pain

by Wales
(United Kingdom)

From time to time I get the sensation of a slightly pulled muscle. This develops by the next day into a very severe pain which shoots from my lower left back through to the front of my abdomen.

My doctor thinks it’s a bowel condition and so did I until I read this web page. Most of my pain occurs when rising from sitting to standing or when bending over at the waist.

I normally exercise about four to five times a week doing a range of different things including yoga, resistance training and cardio work.

Is it possible that I may be causing this pain myself due to an improper warm up routine? I find using specific yoga poses such as camel and table tend to ease the pain significantly.


Response from Stephen at Lower Back Pain Answers:

Hi Chris,

The reason yoga asanas such as the camel pose and table pose may be relieving your pain is because these poses can help to lengthen the iliacus and psoas muscles, collectively called the iliopsoas.

You may need to include much more comprehensive stretching into your regime.

Also, you may find it useful to include Active Isolated Stretching which I find to be more effective for the sustained lengthening of muscle tissue than static stretching.

See my rationale for preferring Active Isolated Stretching here:

I hope this helps!


Stephen @ LBPA

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