16 Year Old Mess

by Ainsley

Since April of 2009 I have been struggling with torn cartilage, stress fractures, tight muscles, over-pronation, and IT Band Syndrome. Basically all overuse running injuries. In January I finally got surgery. They released my iliopsoas tendon from a part on my lower back, removed destroyed cartilage, and smoothed out my congenital bump. It's been almost half a year of recovery and I'm back to square one already. The side of my hip along with my lower back has a sharp pain that shows up a few minutes after I finish running. Also I have an audible clicking sound coming from my hip that happens whenever I stand up. Does anyone out there know what's happening to me?

All I want to do is run!

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Feb 13, 2013
Hip Popping
by: vicki

I don't know if you still have this problem
with the "popping" sound from your hip or not but was just googling and ran across you.

I'm 57 and have had 2 back surgerys, 3 level fusions w/ hardware 12 yrs. ago from falling into my pool.

Then my hubby fell on me while sitting on the floor Indian style which flattened me out.

In 2010 they removed the hardware.

I know I'm also full of arthritis but the last 2 months I'll try to stand up but can't as my right leg and hip at the panty line will lock up and pop.

After it pops then walking is fine. Did you ever find an answer to your issue?

Thanks Vicki

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