My "Create Your Own Website" Story

Thinking About the Future

My "Create Your Own Website" Story begins this way:

I have always been a late-bloomer with respect to technology...

     • I was the last person I know to get a VCR and then a DVD player

     • I was the last person I know (except for my mother) to start using email and the internet.

Having worked for many years as a health care provider I’ve always been more comfortable working with people than computers.

But as a self-employed person without the advantages of a salaried job and benefits, I had to start thinking outside the box about the future.


So I began to brainstorm. I didn’t want to change careers and I didn’t want to go into debt going back to school. What could I do for extra income?

So, like many people do, I threw myself out into the sea of internet searches looking for ideas. Not surprisingly, I found scores of “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

One scheme promised that I could “earn six figures in the first 6 months working from home.” Another home-based business scheme wanted “an initial investment as low as $16,995, with a $5,000 franchise fee.”

Being a practical sort of person, I didn’t give these folks any of my hard-earned dough.

Discovering a Pearl

Then I stumbled on something that really peeked my interest…

An all-in-one-package website service that stated right up front that it was not a “get rich quick” thing, but rather a steady-growth process.

I hadn’t seen that before so I investigated.

The service, called Site Build It, was a complete package, offering absolutely everything I needed for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring some webmaster.

Being not only practical but skeptical, I looked for the fine print for hidden costs. To my surprise, I found none.

Seeing is Believing

So then I watched the following 2 minute video which peeked my interest. At the end of the 2 minute video, a link is provided to watch a full 30 minute presentation which I also watched.

By the time I completed the 30 minute video, which walked me through the whole Site Build It process, all I could think to myself was, wow... I can't believe that such a service exists.

If you wish to watch the full 30 minute video tour, just click the screen again at the end of the 2 minute video.

After watching the full 30 minute tour, I then checked out a number of case studies of regular folks who had developed successful websites using this service.

For me that was all it took.

I dove in and began the Site Build It process. And I have never regretted it. Quite the contrary. I have been ecstatic with this product.

Moving Comfortably into the Future:
The Conclusion to My "Create Your Own Website" Story

The result of all this has been this website — Lower Back Pain Answers — which now not only reaches thousands and thousands of lower back pain sufferers from all over the world, but provides me with second income as I continue to do what I love.

If you could use a second income, or if you're ready for a career change, you too can create your own website. I cannot say enough about this service. I feel privileged and lucky to have found it, and I am proud to recommend it.

Wishing you the best of luck in all things!

Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT
Lower Back Pain Answers

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