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This Month’s Focus: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Did you know that diaphragmatic breathing is essential in order for your back muscles to be able to relax?

It’s true.

Diaphragmatic breathing has several positive effects:

1) If you tend to be a shallow breather, diaphragmatic breathing will interrupt that tendency, improving the oxygen content in your blood. Always a good thing!

2) The full expansion and contraction of your diaphragm will not only help to soften the muscles in your lower back, but also, in many cases, it can improve digestion and elimination.

3) Diaphragmatic breathing has a calming effect on the nervous system which can result in the decrease of chronic muscular tension throughout the entire body.

This Month’s Encouragement: Three Conscious Breaths

This month, try the following strategy:

Whenever you think of it, take three, conscious diaphragmatic breaths. Actively expand your belly when you breathe in. This creates space for the diaphragm to expand downward. As you breathe out, let the belly compress inward.

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Wishing you lower back relief!

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