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May 25, 2020

A Newsletter from
Lower Back Pain Answers and
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I hope you and yours are safe and well as we move into summer with the pandemic still very much with us.

As you can see above, I've included the logo for my new learning platform, Relieving That Pain Online Courses. I hope you like it!

For those of you have recently become subscribers and have started the free self-treatment program for Iliopsoas Syndrome, I sincerely hope you are experiencing some benefit and relief from it. I’d love to hear about your experience, if you care to share it!

I want to thank everyone who wrote in with suggestions about future course content. I have included the top course suggestions below.

My course creation has been slower than I intended due to an increase in my online consultation practice, but I am still making good progress.

Anyway, on to the newsletter...


1. FREE preview of course content for correcting The RALF Pattern

2. My Stretching Blueprint introduces Active Isolated Stretching

3. Top suggestions from subscribers for new courses

4. Creation of new learning platform: Relieving That Pain Online Courses

1. FREE preview of course content for correcting The RALF Pattern

Many newsletter subscribers have written in to say they believe they are suffering from The RALF Pattern (Right Anterior, Left Fixed Pelvic Torsion Pattern) so I wanted to provide some help NOW instead of having everyone wait for the full course.

The RALF Pattern is characterized by:

• Dysfunction of the primary hip flexors (psoas and iliacus muscles, or iliopsoas)
• Some muscles being locked short
• A functional leg-length difference
• Some muscles being locked long, or strained

If you believe you are suffering from The RALF Pattern (Right Anterior, Left Fixed Pelvic Torsion Pattern), try these basic steps and see if you can gain some relief:

1. Stop all deep stretching of the RIGHT psoas and RIGHT hamstrings
The right psoas and right hamstrings tend to be LOCKED LONG, or strained, in The RALF Pattern. Therefore the strain is often worsened by deep stretching of these muscles.

2. Focus on deep stretching of LOCKED SHORT muscles
Two muscles which tend to be LOCKED SHORT in The RALF Pattern include the LEFT hip flexors and the LEFT hamstrings.

3. Focus on counter-rotation of the pelvic imbalance
This is accomplished in a lunge position which also stretches the LEFT hip flexors.

You can preview two partial lessons from my upcoming postural correction course here...

Password: feelbetternow

PLEASE NOTE that these are partial lessons from a comprehensive protocol and therefore are not intended to be a complete solution for The RALF Pattern in and of themselves. However, it is possible to experience some relief using them, even if it’s preliminary relief.

2. My Stretching Blueprint introduces Active Isolated Stretching

For those of you who haven’t heard me speak of it before, Active Isolated Stretching is the stretching method I most recommend to my clients because it does not provoke the protective stretch reflex.

If you’ve ever put a muscle on a static stretch and held it there for 20-30 seconds or longer you’ve no doubt felt this reflex: it’s like the muscle is fighting back against you, quivering and trembling. That’s the protective reflex doing its job.

But when we’re trying to reset the resting length of a muscle, we need for this protective reflex NOT to get activated. That’s where Active Isolated Stretching comes in. This method achieves the feat of NOT activating the protective stretch reflex.

Because one of the foundations for relieving chronic pain is identifying locked short msucles in the body and improving flexibility, I decided that a solid introduction to Active Isolated Stretching needed to be available right away.

So my new course, Stretching Blueprint For Pain Relief and Better Flexibility (Abridged Version), is scheduled for release on May 31 and will be hosted by the UDEMY learning platform.

I am putting this course on UDEMY because my new learning platform is not yet up and running. I decided to put an Abridged Version on UDEMY because one surrenders a good deal of control by using their platform.

The Full Unabridged Version, will soon follow, however, on Relieving That Pain Online Courses. I hope to have it up and running inside a couple of weeks.

3. Top suggestions from subscribers for new courses

I received a lot of suggestions for course content. The top suggestions were:

1. A course for relieving sacroiliac joint pain
2. A course for dealing with rounded shoulders and upper back pain
3. A course for addressing hand and arm pain and dysfunction

#1 and #2 will, in fact, be addressed in my upcoming course for resolving postural distortion (correcting The RALF Pattern and The H-FLEX Pattern), set to be released in June 2020.

I plan to address #3 with a free mini-course also to be released in June 2020.

If you have an idea for a course, please don’t hesitate to email me and let me know your thoughts! You can reach out to me directly at:

4. Creation of new learning platform: Relieving That Pain Online Courses

As I mentioned above, I am in the process of creating a brand new learning platform in order to self-host all my courses. I looked into the various teaching platforms and decided I wanted to retain full control my work.

I am building a whole new Wordpress website and, I’m not going to lie: it’s a steep learning curve.

However, I’m glad I’m doing it because it will give me MUCH greater flexibility to offer content to my subscribers and to the public at large however I choose to.

Also I’m planning on using the new platform to consolidate. Right now I’m operating with three entities:
I started this website in 2004 as an information source for those seeking infomation about pain and pain relief they weren’t able to find elsewhere.
This is the website of my private practice, for in-person appointments (pre-COVID-19) and current online consulting.

Relieving That Pain Online Courses (no yet live)
This is my soon-to-be-released online learning platform and blog. This is where I will host the lion’s share of my courses and where I hope to consolidate everything going forward into the future.

Okay, thanks for reading to the end if you made it this far!

Going forward when you hear from me it will be from either of two sources:

Please stay safe out there!

Warm regards,

by Stephen O’Dwyer, CNMT
Lower Back Pain Answers
Relieving That Pain Online Courses
289 Main Street
Norwich, VT 05055

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