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Taking Requests for New Course Content
April 30, 2020

A Newsletter
from Lower Back Pain Answers


I hope you and yours are safe and well during this strange time in all our lives.

Today's newsletter will be short...

I am moving toward completion of my newest course and wanted to ask:

Is there anything in particular that you'd especially like me to include in it?

The course...

Stretching Exercises For Pain Relief and Better Flexibility

...will be an introduction to Active Isolated Stretching for the whole body and will include at least three short routines that can be done at anytime, anywhere.

For those of you who have written to me about the release date of my course for correcting pelvic torsion (and especially The RALF Pattern) please know that it is very much in the works. But that course is much more in-depth and is taking more time.

The current course is scheduled for release in 30 days or less but there's still time to include your wish-list...

What are you struggling with most that I can help you with?

I will consider all requests and, if I can't include your request in the course scheduled for the 30-day release, I will do everything I can to include it in a subsequent course.

Since my private practice is shut down indefinitely for in-person appointments I am establishing an online learning environment called:

Online Courses

The name is taken from the working title of my book-in-progress: Relieving That Pain Your Doctor Can't Explain: The Hidden Roots of Unexplained Pain and What You Can Do For Lasting Relief.

The catalog of video offerings in RELIEVING THAT PAIN Online Courses will cover a wide range of pain relief strategies and won't be confined to lower back pain. The courses will also offer in-depth for solutions for neck and shoulder pain as well.

So please feel free to email me directly with your requests. If I can create it, I absolutely will.

In the meantime, please take good care of yourself.

Now more than ever we all need to try to eat well, get some exercise if we can, find some quiet time for reflection and also for counting our blessings.

We will get through this strange time if we stick together and take care of one another.

Warm regards,


by Stephen O’Dwyer, CNMT
Lower Back Pain Answers
Burton House 289 Main Street - Suite B212
Norwich, VT 05055

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