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DVD Release Imminent: Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome
June 30, 2013

A Supplement to the Monthly Newsletter
from Lower Back Pain Answers


The final editing of my new DVD, Healing the Hidden Root of Pain: Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome, is nearly complete. It will be sent out for reproduction in the next week or so.

To those of you who have written to me and who are anxiously hoping for some relief for your symptoms I'm very sorry this project has taken so long to complete.

However, I'm glad I took the time needed to get it right. The content of the final product is both unique and of high quality. I am confident that there is nothing like it anywhere and that it will help a lot of people.

The release announcement is imminent...

Wishing you well,


by Stephen O’Dwyer, CNMT
Lower Back Pain Answers
1 Mill St. – Ste 226
Burlington, VT 05401

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